About Civitas International

CIVITAS International, a world-wide non-governmental organization for civic education, aims to strengthen effective education for informed and responsible citizenship in emerging and established democracies around the world. CIVITAS International is composed of individuals, non-governmental associations, and governmental institutions from many countries as well as international organizations.

CIVITAS International works to maintain a worldwide civic education network utilizing all available resources and means of communication, including computer networking, international exchanges, and other means, to bring the knowledge, skills, and experiences of civic educators to bear on the momentous tasks that confront today's emerging and established democracies.

Membership & More

For more information about CIVITAS International, or if you wish to join, send queries using the following contact information.


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c/o The Center for Civic Education
5145 Douglas Fir Road
Calabasas, CA 91302-1467 USA

Telephone +1(818)591-9321

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